The Art of Hellcar

Opening up the gallery for 2005, Designbox is pleased to have our own Paul Friedrich curate a show comprised of 10 talented comic artists known for their work in HELLCAR. HELLCAR is a nationally distributed comic book magazine featuring the greatest cartoon talent in America. “The Art of HELLCAR” will feature original artwork and animation by the artists based on their comic strips.

Artists of the show represent some of the best of the cutting edge of comic art in the country: from the dark monsters of Gus Fink (who currently has an ebay sale of a million dollars for all of his work for one year) to Casey Porn‘s poodles in space ships. Additionally, Eric Knisely will be premiering the short animated feature “Gateless Gate,” a collaboration with Brooklyn’s Barnstormer, Mike Houston. Other artists include Paul Friedrich, Stephanie Freese, David Rose, Bob Schotte, Angi Shearstone, Chris Yambar, and Kevin Dixon.