Designbox turns great ideas into impactful products, brands and experiences. Our methodology results in smart, sustainable and inventive product design. Our market and brand strategy combined with deep understanding of product development, engineering for production and our close relationships with global manufacturers gets you past the idea and onto the store shelf.


We are committed to collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients, and work with companies who truly believe their projects can positively impact the world. With design and engineering as equal drivers, we create results that are ground breaking, market-driven, and efficient to produce.


Collaboration is key to great success. The initial inspiration may be the genesis, but is never the final solution. Our process includes learning with experts and specialists, and designing with production in mind. A broad and diverse network enables unexpected and exciting things to happen. 


Our methodology yields innovative real world results. It’s not just about pretty pictures. We work regularly with manufacturers around the world, in touch with the latest materials and processes so that the finished product exceeds the client and consumer needs and is made efficiently, ethically and with a mind towards sustainability.