The Obama Inauguration Art Show

Gallery exhibition honoring the inauguration of President Barack Obama featuring the work of local artists Georges LeChevallier and Paul Friedrich present the work of local artists celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama. Each artist interprets their hopes, expectations and style to reflect the new presidency. curated by Georges LeChevallier and Paul Friedrich [db]

Fill in the Blank: A Halloween Extravaganza

This October the gallery will feature over 75 hand-decorated Halloween masks.  Throughout the month of October, Designbox visitors may vote their favorite mask. The artist whose mask receives the most votes will receive a Halloween-themed gift basket, which will include face paint, fake scars, fake blood and other costume-related items. As part of this Halloween and costume-themed show, there will …

between there and here

aroline Madigan and Britt Hayes create works on paper, illustrating peculiar moments and conversation. They’re interested in many things, but mostly the unusual, the imaginary and the time when things are about to change. Madigan and Hayes are both recent graduates of NC State’s College of Design. Each currently practices Graphic Design: Madigan at HumanCentric, and Hayes at Gamil Design. …

The Good, the Bad, and the Onion Head

Known for his paintings and cartoons of Onion Head Monster, Paul Friedrich has become a pop culture icon for fun subject matter created with tight craftsmanship. Contrasting this style, Friedrich has been cultivating a series of cowboy paintings which are loose and expressive, but continue the strong color pallet tradition that won our hearts in his OHM series. Come see …

After the Thaw

The Designbox Gallery unveils its 2006 season with three Raleigh artists dedicated to warming our frosty world with fantastic life. The show includes the reclaimed landscapes of Beth Tacular, the animal tales of David Eichenberger and the aviary portraiture of Casey Porn. The three artists will also exhibit a collaborative installation.

Color Meets Line

Using acrylics and charcoal, Peter Milne carves out architectural space to give home to wonderfully playful figures. In his own words: “Reality has to be chewed over and spit out pleasantly.” A long-time furniture designer in central North Carolina, Milne cherishes craftsmanship without worrying about labels like abstract or realistic.

The Art of Hellcar

Opening up the gallery for 2005, Designbox is pleased to have our own Paul Friedrich curate a show comprised of 10 talented comic artists known for their work in HELLCAR. HELLCAR is a nationally distributed comic book magazine featuring the greatest cartoon talent in America. “The Art of HELLCAR” will feature original artwork and animation by the artists based on …