Handmade Signs from Slippin’ Southern

Coming to the shop! Slippin’ Southern: Handcut wood signs using fun Southern expressions and sayings!

Trying to sound professional and tame a southern accent can prove to be more difficult than it seems. To sound intelligent and be persuasive to others can be a challenge here in the south, before you know it you’re “fixen” to go to the store and saying Y’all. It’s “Slippin’ Southern.”The initial concept of their shop was to create signs that were based on sayings that folks in the South say in their daily conversations. Examples include affectionate names like “Shug” and “Darlin” as well as names things you say to the one you love like “Luv-Ya”. Of course that led to requests for several custom signs!
Which led to some shapes, fun eye candy for the shop, like their Trophy Buck, Rooster, and Monkey’s in a Barrel!
Come check ’em out!