[pro•duce] by deneé black


1. to bring into existence; create

2. to bear, as young, fruit, etc.

3. to present; exhibit

Denee’s work captures each moment with stark, bold saturation. This particular show was entirely created from observations at the State Farmer’s Market.

When walking through the buildings, I am captured by the piles of colorful fruits and vegetables: purple eggplants, green apples, yellow peppers, orange tomatoes. In striking contrast to the organic shapes of the produce are the organized rows and stacks of boxes and baskets flagged with brightly-colored handwritten signs. People are buzzing from vendor to vendor among these sculptural forms. These sights, shapes, colors and energies at the farmers market are what inspired me to produce this series.

Stunning in their simplicity with an added touch of urban grit, Denee’s visions of produce are a feast for the eyes.

curated by Erin Conigliaro and Beth Khalifa

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also featuring The ProduceBox, a local CSA with beautiful boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables for sale that night

and welcoming new shop brands:
Slippin Southern, wood handcut southernisms
Mill & Bird, handcrafted leather bags