FF June: PBaRt Show + circusSPARK

FIRST FRIDAY JUNE 6, 2014 : 6-10p

Weekdays thru JUNE 27, 2014 : 11a–4p

Join us for the 5th annual PBaRt Show + circusSPARK Fundraiser, a mini-warehouse-district-street-festival with circus performers, food trucks, craft vendors, a 90’s dance party and a PBR-themed Art Show.

Over the last 5 years, the PBaRt show + circusSPARK Fundraiser has morphed into one of downtown Raleigh’s most beloved First Friday events.  “Each year brings something a little bit different,” says Kaci Torres who created the event —along with Raleigh artist, Paul Friedrich— in 2009.   “The first year we had a ‘high flying fashion show’ with aerial dancers performing in jeans made by Raleigh Denim.  This year, we have Parkour people doing street stunts with a live drum circle.”

The action will be outside win front of Designbox, on the 300 block of W. Martin Street. You can see acrobats from Cirque de Vol Studios performing in the air and stunt performers from Enso Movement doing “back flips for tips.”  Larry’s Beans will bring their biodiesel bus to serve cold brew coffee, Triangle Raw Foods will provide nourishing fare from their food truck, and The Parlour will scoop handmade ice-cream from their portable freezer.  Brewmasters Bar & Grill is donating 100% of all proceeds from Pabst Blue Ribbon beer sales to benefit circusSPARK, SPARKcon and the Visual Art Exchange.


PBaRt Show v5.0 will be on display inside Designbox and will feature work by dozens of local and regional artists, including: Paul Friedrich (OnionHeadMonster.com & Man v. Liver), Victor Knight (Full Metal Racket), Taylor White (taylurk.com), Martique Lorray (centaurarts.com), Eric Knisley (founder of Durham Indie Comics Expo), the guys from Lost Story Studios and many more.  Each artist will be using a limited edition (blank) PBR can as their canvas.


PBaRt Show v5.0 + circusSPARK Fundraiser will take place on June 6, 2014 from 6-10pm on the 300 block of W. Martin St, in the Raleigh Warehouse District.  The event is free and open to the public.  Proceeds will benefit circusSPARK, SPARKcon and the Visual Art Exchange.


For more information, please email Kaci Torres at kaci[at]gamilacompany[dot]com.