June 11 2014: Behind the Scenes, Secrets of the Circus, with speaker Sara Phoenix

Our Designbox speaker for June 2014 is Sara Phoenix from Cirque de Vol Studios! Sara will share some of thebehind-the-scenes secrets from the circus in Raleigh’s Warehouse District.

Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Teaching circus arts is just a guise. Our real motive is to further the evolution of the human race by empowering folks with the tools they need to break out of their current plane of existence and into a more expansive state of higher consciousness. We do this by tapping into states of flow, pure presence, and playfulness. Focusing on how to be in the now strengthens mind-body connections. We also create opportunities for people to surprise themselves — opportunities for folks to question their own self-imposed limitations. How’s that for empowering? Oh, also, great tips on how to not to catch yourself on fire while herding cats!

Bring your questions! The June 11th lunch’s wide-ranging topics may include:

  • How Sara Phoenix coordinates creative people to do structured things, to include fundraising for circusSPARK
  • What’s going on behind the scenes, and how getting involved helps improve empowerment and mental clarity
  • How Sara came to open Cirque de Vol on Hargett Street and where she sees the Raleigh Warehouse District going
  • How people avoid setting themselves on fire

Visit Cirque de Vol Studios website

eventbrite registration (free to public, limited to 20 people)

Designbox Lunch Series organized by Designbox collaborator, Karl Sakas of Agency Firebox.