maps by the Conservation Council of NC
talk by Peter Walz of Democracy-NC
films from the Voting in America project
including “A Brief History of Voting” by Francesca Talenti [db]

The last presidential election was decided by very few votes, while only 51% of the eligible adults actually decided to cast their opinion. This show explores the many facets to votes and voters. Demographic research maps will be on display, compiled by the Conservation Council of NC. Additionally, 10 short films known as the Voting in America Project (including a debut of A Brief History of Voting, by local filmmaker Francesca Talenti) will be on display. A short talk by Peter Walz of Democracy-NC will start at 8 pm to address his perspective on voter trends in NC. With all of this, the show intends to provide a backdrop for discussion and motivation on flexing our democratic muscles. People can be registered during the show, and Milagro Saints will provide musical entertainment. Join us and get inspired to VOTE!