photography by Cheryl Gottschall
interactive body scree
nprinting by Eileen Chevalier
music by DJ Madcow

“Symbodigy, autochthonous expressions on flesh,” is an exploration in the use and abuse of symbols in society. We need look no further than the logo on our underwear or the ornament on the hood of our car to recognize ubiquitous branding. We define ourselves and others by the logos on our glasses and the crosses hanging from our necks Along comes Symbodigy. A chance for the public to assign meaning to new symbols, adorn themselves with those symbols, alter meanings, and change the symbols on their skin. Thus, a microcosm of symbology is created.

Curated by Angelica Garcia [db] and Cheryl Gottschall [db], this interactive show was pioneered by screen-printing artist Eileen Chevalier to explore the fusing of symbols with the body. During the opening event, visitors will be able to participate in the unusual process of screen-printing graphics onto themselves. Also on display will be photos by well-known local photographer Gottschall, as well as framed artwork by Chevalier. Videos by Dave Zahn , Scot Dunlap, Steve Crell will be shown. Raymond Goodman will be on site photographing the event and your body adornments.   Your skin is our canvas at this multi-faceted show!

The Symbodigy team is led by Eileen Chevalier and includes: Steven Crell, Scot Dunlap, Angelica Garcia [db], Raymond Goodman, Cheryl Gottschall [db], and Dave Zahn.

This show is sponsored by
Bickett Gallery
Bird on a Rock, Inc.
Collins Technologies, Inc.
Kerry Catherine Jewelry
Larry’s Beans