The Big Little Show

by Larry Cooper, M. Andrea Azcarate-Peril, and Jose M. Bruno-Barcena

Works that portray the microscopic world enlarged by as perceived by local artist Larry Cooper and microbiologists Andrea Azcarate Peril and Jose Bruno-Barcena.

Larry Cooper is an artist and sculptor whose work is inspired by mitosis, viral invaders, DNA and more. His sandblast etchings can be seen in places such as the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Civil Rights Memorial and others. His current work expresses how symbiotic relationships in nature reflect the human experience where changes have observable effects.

Andrea Azcarate Peril and Jose Bruno-Barcena are microbiologists. Jose is a fermentation specialist and Andrea is a molecular biologist. Both have worked with probiotic (the “good”) bacteria for many years. They are interested in conveying the beauty in science by using actual experimental data and figures in an aesthetic approach. Most of their pieces are based on microarray experiments.

Curated by Diane Reeves [db] & Erin Conigliaro [db]