NonCom (Non-Comissioned) will explore the similarities and differences between the for-hire and personal works from local creative professionals. What does it look like when designers create art for themselves – with no clients, no creative directors, and no limits? How does that free expression compare to the polished production work they create? Find out on Friday, June 5 at Designbox.

Featuring selected works by:

Adam Cohen, FWV Distilled

Ryan Cuthriell, Fabrik Agency

Paul Friedrich, Onion Head Monster

Joshua Gajownik, Red Hat Magazine

Britt Hayes, Gamil Design

Beth Khalifa, Gamil Design

Caroline Madigan, HumanCentric

David Smith, The Republik

Jon Williams, Shovemedia

Adrienne Yancey, Red Hat Magazine

Curated by Rob Ruchte [db]