Designbox a test market for Pepsi Tava

Releasing its new fruit seltzer, Tava, Pepsico (apparently via agency Element 79) set up a stand of free drinks for gallery attendees at Designbox during the First Friday show of “Some of the Parts.” Designbox is the home of Gamil, Gamila and other design offices in Raleigh. This test was the premier event initiated in the Raleigh area. Informal impressions of the drink were mixed.

Gamil Creates Branding for SPARKcon 07

Beth Khalifa was Creative Director for the branding of the SparkCon 07 creative conference. She and fellow Gamiler, Britt Hayes, designed all of the collateral, including everything from the website to maps of the city, programs, name badges, posters, and managing lots and lots of information across the efforts of 63 organizers and 12 different “Spark” components!

Gamil Creates SparkCon Brand

Beth Khalifa is Creative Director for the branding of the inaugural year of Spark Con. Beth, Britt, and sometimes Kelly and Aly all got into the act of designing a system of “Spark People” representing all of the different creative components of this multi-faceted Conference. Beth and Britt also designed and maintained all of the collateral – everything from website …

New Catalog System and Apparel for Layers

Layers, a nationally distributed brand specializing in outdoor apparel and underwear, came to Gamil looking for a new branding system for its product line for Fall 2002. The resulting materials speak to the clients first-rate materials and great sensitivity to color. Included in this work was the addition of new item to the line, the Roundhouse shirt, featuring wicking materials …

Product Offering Highlighted for Tri-Path Imaging

Tri-Path Imaging came to Gamil looking for a completely new approach to explaining its array of oncology imaging services to researchers and technical buyers. Gamil’s insight into the communication of this process reworked the materials into a simpler and more powerful understanding of their sophisticated offering.

Gamil Design Contracted by UNICEF

With the intention of expanding their product offering, UNICEF (based in Geneva) has contracted Gamil to come up with new ideas on products and branding appropriate to the UNICEF mission.