Adopting to Change: Mary Nations

Join us for lunch during Chatterbox Wednesday as we’ll learn about adopting to change in the work place with guest speaker Mary Nations for Chatterbox Wednesday. As a consultant and coach, Mary focuses on two fundamental challenges common in the workplace – helping people deal with change and difference. Mary’s background and recent work includes:

  • Exploring both change and difference for over 20 years.
  • Working both internally and externally with a variety of organizations, improving the way they deal with change and difference
  • Earning a Master of Science in Organization Development from American University/NTL Institute
  • Pursuing continued learning through extensive programs in coaching, diversity leadership, adult learning, and human systems dynamics
  • Developing a model of generative engagement, useful for creating inclusive, innovative organizational culture
  • Implementing an adaptive planning process for an organization under tremendous economic pressure
  • Providing intensive one- and multi-day leadership training and facilitation, serving clients in banking, insurance and technology industries across the US

We’re excited to have Mary speak during Chatterbox and a lite lunch will be served. You can also bring your own lunch as after Mary’s presentation we’ll have open discussion.

You can read more about Mary Nations here:
Twitter: @marynations

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