Designbox announces Betabox Spaces

EDIT 2/28/12:
We recently moved and our new space is dedicated to member companies. We do not have open cowering space at this time. Visit this link for the latest on our space ideas.

Designbox has searched its own soul on how to take its innovative community-oriented approach to the next level. Designbox 2.0 is the result, with an increased dedication to openness, creative process, inclusively and mentorship.  Launching the day after Labor Day, Designbox welcomes the community into its creative atmosphere to work on their own projects.

Betabox is set up to have an easy way to share workspaces, conference areas and ideas within the Designbox, located in Raleigh’s Warehouse District. The intent is to provide easy ways to get out of the home office, beta-test new business ideas, support visiting professionals and hold collaborative meetings. Pricing starts at $10 for a half day rental of an open space.

Options include weekly or monthly terms and private offices or collaborative spaces. Look for more community projects like SPARKcon and technology Meet-ups to come through the doors as well.

For inquiries please email us.