Gamil Creates “Shop Local Raleigh” site

Gamil, along with Rob Ruchte of Thirdparty Labs, collaborated in the web design and custom content management of a new Raleigh campaign created by the Greater Raleigh Merchants Association: “Shop Local Raleigh.” The new campaign and site launched on April 17, 2009 and is intended to help promote local businesses and the idea of keeping more dollars local by selecting local shopping …

Gamil and Sagmeister win AIGA award

A collaboration between Stefan Sagmeister and Matthias Ernstberger of Sagmeister Inc., Nick Herman, Aly Khalifa and Robert Shanks of Gamil Design, and FineLine Prototyping, the Vilcek Prize design was in itself given an award by the AIGA for 365:28 in Typographic Design.

Designbox a test market for Pepsi Tava

Releasing its new fruit seltzer, Tava, Pepsico (apparently via agency Element 79) set up a stand of free drinks for gallery attendees at Designbox during the First Friday show of “Some of the Parts.” Designbox is the home of Gamil, Gamila and other design offices in Raleigh. This test was the premier event initiated in the Raleigh area. Informal impressions of the drink were mixed.

Gamil Design exhibits at ISPO

amil has been exhibiting at ISPO with the IDEAS group since 1998, and once again joined this exclusive Active Sports Network of designers to present trends and portfolios for the Winter Market of Sporting Goods. ISPO is the largest sporting goods show in the world and provides a broad perspective on the entire industry. For more coverage see this post.