This Just In: Fortis Designs Duct Tape- New Colors!

Find your inner artist (or handyman) with Platypus Designer Duct Tape.  It’s strong, reliable, and way more colorful and attractive than the silver stuff.

You can create a wallet out of Houndstooth, or Denim. Make duct tape flowers using the Pink Polka Dot, Paisley and Grass. Or use Wicker and Diamond Plate tape for a twist on the original all-purpose tool. It’s the perfect accessory to all your around-the-house summer projects. Think duct tape was fun before? This patterned duct tape takes it to a whole new level.

But hey, it’s not all about you – designer duct tape makes a great present, too. Pair favorite colors and patterns to create a unique gift for the crafter in your life. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you might just receive a designer duct tape masterpiece in return. Father’s Day is right around the corner…