Gamila launches a new Gem of a Teastick

After 2 years of great success, the new Teastick GEMS collection takes the original Teastick design to exciting new colors, materials and functionality. The Gems are made out of FDA grade polycarbonate that allows the tea-lover to see their tea blooming as it steeps. Especially great for herbals!

Gamil The Mila!

A few years ago it was The Teastick, now it is all about the Mila Case! Mila Case’s provide a fashionable protective cover for your iPod or other MP3 player.

Designbox hosts new brand, “Gamila”

Ty Beddingfield has moved into Designbox to establish headquarters of Gamila Products, LLC. Beddingfield and Rich Futrell were the founders of The Third Place Coffeehouse in Raleigh. As their highly successful coffee business also grew their sales of fine loose teas, they saw a need in the market for a new tea infuser. After contacting Aly Khalifa [db], they collaborated to create The …