Found Objects and Whimsical Notions

From wreaths of gas station antenna balls to elaborately decorative styrofoam heads, Becky Shankle’s work is a commentary of the objects around us while allowing for a humorous perspective. Come see this Raleigh artist’s first major show while percussionists Rhythmicity fill the night air.

Gallery Shows: 2002

December 6, 2002: “Gamil’s Greatest Hits” 3 Years of Great Art. October 4, 2002: “Rhythmic Color” Paintings by Bart Tomlin. August 2, 2002: “Art of the Family Eselgroth” Works by Amy, Chris and Lily. June 7, 2002: “Brand Fandango” 4 local designer brands show their stuff. May 3, 2002: “Headlines into Hope.” an interactive origami sculpture. April 5, 2002: “Visions …