December 11 2013: Connecting Community with Contemporary Art, with speaker Gab Smith

Gab Smith, Executive Director of CAM Raleigh will be joining us to speak about the new museum, its relationship to downtown Raleigh and the Warehouse District and the creative community that is blossoming from it. eventbrite registration (free to public, limited to 20 people) Designbox Lunch Series organized by Designbox collaborator, Karl Sakas of Agency Firebox.

Raleigh Warehouse District website—Press Release

For Immediate Release The Raleigh Warehouse District has had it’s share of busy times since it’s actual warehouse origins. Over the years, much of the action has happened after midnight on weekends, with a thriving nightclub scene. There have also been the businesses who put their stakes in the ground long before there was a scene to support them…businesses which …