PBaRt 2011

The 2nd annual “PBaRt” show at Designbox features a PBR-inspired exhibit packed with custom local artist work! Our “back yard” (parking lot) will turn into a beer garden for the night and host local bands, fire dancing, acrobats, a hoop jam, food trucks and, of course, Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Low Def Pop Art by:
Holly Aiken, Trey “Guru” Ansley, Artie Barksdale, Denee Black, Emi Boz, Greg Clayton, Bart Cusick, Michelle Elena, Mark Elmore, Gus Fink, Paul Friedrich, Skillet Gilmore,¬†Andrew Goldfarb,¬†Victor Knight, Eric Knisley, Matt McConnell, Adam Peele, David Rose, Pete SackAnna Taylor, Rafael Vargas, Robin Vuchnich
Pabst Blue ribbon, WKNC 88.1, Only Burger, Shutterbooth, Humble Pie, Raleigh Denim, Denmark Records, AcroEntertainment, GoodnightRaleigh.com, NewRaleigh.com, Phoenix Rising Productions

curated by Kaci Torres and Paul Friedrich