Day of the Dead Art Show – Dia de los Muertos – A Celebration of Life

Keith Norval has organized and curated this group exhibition of Triangle artists to get their unique take on the theme.

“This show started as a brainstorm. When I was out in downtown Raleigh in November I noticed some Day of the Dead decorations and it reminded me of how much I enjoy the holiday.  I really wanted to see what my favorite local artists would make for Day of the Dead.

A year later Norval and Designbox have partnered up to bring Raleigh interpretations on the theme Day of the Dead by a list of the area’s artist elite.

Always drawn to the ironic and marcarbe influenced by pop culture and folk art about the Day of the Dead, skull iconography has always been a part of Norval’s art.

“Having lost close family members at a young age the skull iconocgraphy always hit home – that there is such a fine line between life and death. The Day of the Dead has always appealed to me, because it is a rememberance of the dead and a celebration of the continuity of life.”

Mediums include painting, pottery, jewelry and mixed media.


Participating Artists Include:

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Paris Alexander
Gaines Bailey
Jacyln Bowie
Julie Brooks
Luke Miller Buchanan
Matt Butler
Harlan Campbell
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Gustavos De Los Rios
David Eichenburger
Paul Friedrich
Britt Freeman
Kayla Rose Garcia
Skillet Gilmore
Lillian Jones
Eliza Kiser

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Victor Knight III
Sean Kernick
Betty McKim
Keith Norval
Anna Podris
Casey Porn
Shaun Richards

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Pete Sack
Garrett Scales
Gary Smith
Megan Sullivan
Anne Terry
Ollie Wagner
Amy Waples