Move Me

In March, Designbox welcomes Raleigh artist Lauren Pegram for a special solo exhibition.

A self-described “pink painted plastic soldier,” Lauren Pegram fights a war armed with the only thing she knows to fight with: an insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth. The only peace she finds comes in the form of creating. Exploring identity and sexual orientation, these works also carry subtle anti-racist and feminist undertones. Although not seeking to paint others pink or to rally troops, Pegram seeks to affect and pierce other’s consciousness and emotions, to gain admittance of truths, to extend influence peacefully.

Sensually provoking, Lauren Pegram’s art work engages her audience visually, physically, and audibly. Pegram’s installations are meant to be experienced, pushing the viewer’s comfort zone and amplifying the need to explore within. Her interests envelop the realm of the highly conceptual and rely heavily on the clean implementation of ideas. Pegram’s work exists to bring ideas to life and pose as a means to communicate those underlying feelings to others.

Pegram graduated from NC State University with a bachelors of art and design and has been included in numerous exhibitions including most recently with Fish Market, Raleigh, NC; ahpeele, Raleigh, NC; and her first solo exhibition at Steel Blue, Durham, NC.