Matt McConnell’s “Momentum” collection studies motion, force, and time. He has integrated geometric arrays and transformations into forms that reflect elements in nature and the systems that impact those elements, using materials including steel, glass, acrylic, ice, and light.

Matt periodically takes time outside of commissioned work at McConnell Studios to further artistic explorations, one facet of which is the introduction of new materials. In this show, the incorporation of glass into the work exemplifies one new direction. There will also be a “Momentum” centerpiece installation in steel measuring 14’ x 9’ x 1’8”, a piece which has taken a talented team over 200 working hours to create.

*Reception night only—presentation of a lit sphere cast in ice.*

You may have seen or heard of these pieces, which I developed several years ago. I will bring one out, by special request, for the opening evening.

In the last three years, McConnell Studios has completed installations for The Mint Restaurant, Fins, 18 Seaboard, McKinney & Silver, Alabama State University, Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and many residences, offices, and public spaces. They continue to strive towards better, more creative solutions and higher quality work as they move into their 8th year.

Curated by Isaac Panzarella [db].