Life, Layers & Landscapes by Ryan Cummings – AND – Goner’s Kickstarter Kickoff Event!

Life, Layers and Landscapes by Ryan Cummings
Ryan Cummings is back at Designbox as March’s feature artist! Ryan uses light and shadow as revealed to the eye through a spectrum of color to create stunning, thought-provoking landscapes. He uses different styles of painting and incorporates vintage black and white photographs of people and objects that have occupied the land at different points in time over the past century.
“The method by which I paint these landscapes is multi-faceted. Starting at the top of the panel where the sky begins, I paint using a representational style until I get to the horizon. From there I begin to divide the visual plane into square shaped areas using tape and stencils, painting the land in a representational style in some areas as before while filling others with pure blocks of color, textures, goldleaf, or oil-based wood stain. These squares sometimes overlap, and with a noticeable level of transparency this creates a certain degree of movement and depth. They act almost like a jigsaw puzzle, piecing together the total lay of the land.” —Ryan Cummings
GONER for First Friday!
On March 1st, Goner is launching a Kickstarter project for their forthcoming 4th album, Faking The Wisdom! And in celebration of their Kickstarter efforts, Goner will be preforming on the sidewalk outside Designbox from 7–8p! They will be performing a (mostly) acoustic set and handing out Goner Kickstarter Patron Cards. The cards will get participants in on other events over the 60 days of the Kickstarter Campaign, including a brunch EDIT: highball night, a rock show, a cafe set, and a cocktail party.
Check out Goner at: