Kirby Derby: Preloaded

Having years of momentum built up, Kirby Derby Day has become an institution of Raleigh’s Pullen Park Terrace neighborhood. From Evil Clowns to papier mache elephants dropping Moon Pies to walking wedding cakes, this annual parade has become an outlet for some of the areas best artists. Riding the coattails of Onion Head Monster’s float in 2003, a 9 foot Bridezilla appeared in 2004 only to be stolen from a neighbor’s back yard months later. After an Amber Alert was declared, she was spotted approaching the Farmer’s Market but has been lost again. In honor of her mysterious disappearance, Kirby Derby 2005 is entitled “In Search of Bridezilla: The Unusual Suspects.”

The Designbox show will feature photographs, t-shirts, movies, and other memorabilia to help raise funds for this year’s event. The event will also become a meeting point for building new floats.