It IS Easy Being Green

For April Designbox will exhibit this collective show on making the built environment more sustainable.

Isaac Panzarella [db], an expert on sustainable building technology, has curated “It IS easy Being Green” to showcase the work innovative designers and engineers are working to make building, products and interiors to minimize their impact on the environment. This show features several cutting-edge projects and ideas that are pushing the limits of sustainable architecture.

Additionally, Melissa Andron [db] will be showcasing a wide variety of available interior design textiles and finishes that are created with sustainability as a top priority. A top notch trio of speakers; NC State Horticulture professor Will Hooker, architects Gail Lindsey and Frank Harmon, will discuss their actions to make sustainability a part of standard practice. This show includes a preview of Duke’s DELTA Smarthouse (Frank Harmon, Architect) and other green building projects, hybrid modular housing (Buildsense), rainwater harvesting technology from BRAE Water and more. David Williams, renowned North Carolina wildlife illustrator, will display some recent paintings of the native ecological diversity of the Piedmont.

To explore these topics, there will be three well-respected pioneers in this important field sharing their projects and experiences:

7:30 – “Permaculture,” by Will Hooker
We are part of a dynamic ecosphere that sustains all life, yet our relationship with the natural world around us is not the best it could be. NC State Horticulture professor Will Hooker discusses how a conscious permaculture based approach to design and living with nature more deeply connects us to the magical.

8:15 – “Spirit & Sustainability,” by Gail Lindsey, FAIA
As an very “hands on” teacher of sustainable design possibilities and practice, Gail Lindsey has made a
lasting difference in public and private design thinking. Her enthusiasm inspires others to see the meaningful ways that sustainability can improve our society and nurture our spirits.

9:00 – “Buildings & Nature,” Frank Harmon, FAIA
Nature has always been very present in the buildings designed by Raleigh architect Frank Harmon, in the way that air and sunlight play, by virtue of local natural materials and in the care taken to harmonize the user’s patterns with natural rhythms. Frank will speak about how traditional inventiveness combined with advanced thinking in design of buildings is helping to make a better future today.