Introducing SPARKcon!

The background of SPARKcon

By several magazines using a myriad of statistics, the Triangle has become one of the most creative places to live in the country. We boast exceptional talent on a wide field—from pharmaceutical patents to rock bands. But ask a local what the identity of the Triangle is, and you’ll find a creative person struggling for an answer. Designbox and a variety of community thinkers decided to tackle this problem.

We believe that claiming the vision of being the “Creative Hub the South” can be a uniting force. But to claim an identity requires us to adhere to it as well. It should inspire us to nurture a healthy “creative ecosystem” where the forces of Technology, the Arts, Independent Business and an Inclusive Culture work together to create a compelling place to live, work, learn and play.

We don’t have any answers. The purpose of SPARKcon is to invite all interested parties into the process and see what recommendations surface. Our method involves learning from stimulating and diverse speakers from around the Triangle, using creative workshops to extract our best ideas, and celebrating our accomplishments through a series of tours and showcases of local talent.

All of this work will culminate in a printed document, the SPARKcon Comment, which we hope to be a guide for local leaders on how to provide an interconnected culture for a healthy and balanced creative ecosystem.

Churches, fashion designers, musicians, researchers and restaurants all have events planned so that the whole area can come alive that weekend! Although we will be touring and discussing the creative culture of the whole Triangle, the bulk of the lectures and workshops of this year’s SPARKcon will be in downtown Raleigh at Exploris, Longview Center Sanctuary, and Moore Square.

SPARKcon was initiated by Designbox as a creative experiment where all interested and energetic parties could add their own flavors to the event. Despite considerable efforts to include a variety of personalities, we make no claim to be fairly representative of the Triangle. We are purely a volunteer-based group looking to further integrate with the community and are open to all suggestions and efforts.