Dinosaurs, Monsters and Posters

The Museum of Natural Sciences is by many accounts one of the top natural history museums in the USA. Leading the charge in making creatures like dinosaurs and insects more exciting in the modern world has been the work of MNS’s Marketing Director Jeff Williford. Bugfest has become a huge event that features insect casseroles and live music. First Fridays at the museum are ever popular with retro movies from A/V Geeks such as Fantastic Voyage. To promote and give vision to these events, Williford has developed stunning and fun posters and products over the past few years. These posters have been recognized nationally, including a First Place in the American Association of Museums Publications Design Competition. The Designbox show is a chance for one First Friday venue to pay tribute to another across a substantial and successful history.

Curated by Aly Khalifa [db]