Design and Tea

For 10 years, Gamil Design has been creating products and brands for clients throughout the Triangle and across the world. This show traces Aly and Beth Khalifa’s business from humble beginnings in their home, through creating eyewear in Italy, information systems in Germany and now their very own product brand. Having opened their offices in 2000 to promote First Fridays in Raleigh, they later co-founded Designbox as a way to further support and integrate with the Triangle’s creative community.

In 2001, Gamil tested the release of a new tea infuser product called “The Teastick.” Designed for Rich Futrell and Ty Beddingfield, owners of Raleigh’s Third Place Coffeehouse, they found encouraging success. Years later, Beddingfield and the Khalifas have been able to muster a full international brand and product launch of the Gamila Teastick. Starting just this summer, they have found amazing support in the media and blogs, including The Boston Globe, Gizmodo, and They are now distributing Teasticks throughout the world and far exceeding their expectations. As a result, they are looking forward to a great tea party to celebrate!