Chatterbox Wednesday!

Design Box Chatter

Here at Designbox on Wednesdays’ we host our weekly lunch meeting to discuss our current projects, collaboration opportunities, what’s happening in the community and ways we can use the space that’s beneficial to everyone working from Designbox. During our meeting today we discussed various topics such as adding a 24/7 WebCam, training videos and ways we can share the Deign Box experience and activities with the rest of the world. Other ideas were convinced out of todays meeting as we ate sandwiches from Jimmy Johns which seems to be the food of choice because they deliver quickly. I’m thinking we need to work out some sponsor deal with them but that’s another blog post.

As of today the lunch is for innerbox members(lease space workers), outerbox member(former innerbox members) and betabox members (coworkers) but we decided to open our Wednesday luncheons to the public to discuss various community activities, online technologies, marketing, entrepreneurship, mentoring and more. Today we were joined by Caitlin Russell who’s a writer/PR Professional who’s going to provide some of her services to Designbox and use the coworking space in the future too.

Between offering coworking opportunities and Chatterbox Wednesdays we’re really excited about new ways of being more involved with the community. Feel free to join us next Wednesday at noon and if you or your business are interesting in sponsoring or pitching your company/services during Chatterbox Wednesdays let us know via or call 919-335-3269. We’ll post more information soon about the topic for next Wednesday and let you know if there will be enough Jimmy John’s to go around.

One more thing, what do you think of the name “Chatterbox Wednesday” ? Just came up with it for the blog post. 🙂 Have a great week!