CALL FOR Kirby Derby Instagrams (by 7.8@5p)

3rd Friday is a Designbox celebration
of Kirby Derby X in Instagram photos!

We Want Yours!

Hurry and pick out your fave Kirby Derby: A Decade of Derby shots—We had so much fun at the after party—we’ve decided to throw an after, after party here at Designbox! Here’s the deal: you email us 10-20 of your Instagram shots visually specific to Kirby Derby. We will feature lots and lots of our favorites of what is sent. Each photo will also be credited with the artist’s name as photographer.

We will print the selected photos and display them throughout July. We plan on selling them, but only for enough to cover the costs of the show. However, we will also be noting the popularity thru votes and purchases of images. The 5 most popular at the end of the show will receive a gift card to Designbox Shop. After July, we will get approval from the photographer if we wish to continue using those images. Should the srtist approve, he/she would get a percentage of any sales that follow (as well as the knowledge that Kerbyites love them). A percentage of all sales will go towards the Derby fund to ensure that next year’s Kirby Derby is just as great as all the years past.

If you are interested, please follow these instructions:

  • EMAIL with up to 20 Kirby Derby specific Instagrams that YOU shot
  • SUBJECT LINE: Designbox Kirby Derby Show
  • Name each image with your name included (example: johnsmith_arboretum.jpg)
  • Specify content of each image
  • Add the following statement to email to acknowledge agreement of usage:
  • “I give Designbox the right to print submitted Instagram images for use and sale at the Designbox July 2011 gallery show. After the month of July, 2011, Designbox will no longer use the images without permission except for a inclusion in a group shot poster and for historical purposes.”
  • Give us your full name and the name as you wish to be credited.
  • Give us a phone number or mailing address in case we have any questions.

*Note: We are looking for pictures from the 2011 Derby- however, if you have an INCREDIBLE photo from a previous year that you are just dying to share- send it out way and we might just include it!

If you are a professional photographer that attended the Kirby Derby and you have some photos from the event we’d love to find a way to include your work in our show. Send us a message!

Didn’t use Instagram for your photos?- that’s ok! It’s not too late for you to convert those images into Instagrams! Just add your photos to your library and instagram will still allow you to process them! Not so sure that you want to use the instagram filter on your files? It’s ok to send us your best edited shots! We will still crop everything to a square format for consistency, but if you don’t wanna filter them, then no problem!