Brand Fandango VI

In traditional holiday spirit, Designbox takes time each year to celebrate local brands and creations. This year promises more than a dozen different collections drawing from Spark Con and other creative resources. Featured this year are: beautiful letterpress items from Blue Barnhouse in Asheville, a brand new product called “Chocolate Seeds” from Raleigh’s Nahualli Trading Co., and Gamila’s Face-Mod Candlesticks—individual candle holders printed in 3d from your very own face, Mostess {Creations} designs for the modern homemaker, AdAm Peele’s design art for the shirt on your back, mysterious oddities from Wootini, cool knit-sew from Sewbliss, Stir Studio’s modern jewelry with a vintage flair, Coffee Cuffs from The Joyery, & many more items from fabulous vendors!

Below are some details on products that will be on sale at this year’s Brand Fandango:

Blue Barnhouse
A letterpress & design studio based in Asheville, NC, everything they make is crafted by hand with the time-tested methods of letterpress printing. They provide a comprehensive suite of paper goods: from books to journals to packaging.

Nahualli’s Chocolate Seeds
Taste the origin of chocolate! The Nahualli Trading Co. of Raleigh, NC, brings you the seduction of Chocolate Seeds and the delight of Oro. Chocolate Seeds are made with peeled organic whole cocoa beans enrobed with dark chocolate. Oro are made from dark chocolate covered cocoa nibs accented with 23K gold.

Gamila Facemods
Facemods are Gamila’s latest product that fuses the very latest in 3d printing technology with the classic Edgar Rubin illusion of faces and candlesticks. Just provide Gamila with a photograph of your favorite person’s profile, and they will generate a candle holder made directly from their face! The whole process can be witnessed at the show.

Gamila Teasticks
From the original tea infuser born and bred in Raleigh, Gamila has this month launched the translucent Gems collection which is tailored for herbal teas. Gamila also has a range of Tavalon teas and Adagio glass mugs

Mila Art Jackets
Local artists Paul Friedrich, David Eichenberger, Casey Porn, Joey Fralin, Dale Flattum, Beth Khalifa, Adam Peele and others have created art jackets to fold around your iPod. Slip your ‘pod into a Mila Bikini for permanent screen protection, and then snap it in and out of your favorite Art Jackets.

Pacfic Design Indie Art iPod and PSP Gaming Cases
Celebrate local artists Paul Friedrich and David Eichenberger going national in Circuit City and Sears! These cases have highlighted the local art scene with their artwork decorating your favorite digital device.

mostess {creations}
designs for the modern homemaker

mysterious cavalcade of oddities


Julie Armbruster
encaustic paranoia and curiosity with a glimmer of hope.

Lucky Accessories
lucky Accessories: designs with a universal notion of beauty

Geoff Wood
husband . photographer . band member . son . uncle . friend

John Mercer
tasty bites on canvas

The Joyery
Cute and Comfy Coffee Cuffs

Good stuff (like awesome screenprinted tees) made with love.

Stir Studios
Modern jewelry with a vintage flair

Are You Decent?
funky fresh elegant jewelry design

Horse and Buggy Press
letterpress printing (and more) for the jet age (and beyond)