Arik Abel to host “Going Viral” workshop

With Special Guest: Frozen Food Master, Gregory Ng

Join us on December 15th for Arik Abel’s Going Viral: Making and Distributing Online Video workshop at Designbox.

Arik Abel is a brand marketing and content strategist with a long history of creating sharable digital content for major brands and ad agencies for B2B and B2C audiences. Most recently he ran Marketing for, a global social network for creative video producers, and created user-generated video campaigns for Universal Studios, TMZ, Microsoft,, Pillsbury, The Chief Marketing Officer Council and more.

Gregory Ng, a Raleigh creative executive, will be Arik’s special guest and will talk about how he built a online audience and cult following by finding his niche — reviewing frozen foods on his popular Freezerburns series. Freezerburns features online reviews of frozen foods, which will gain 100 – 200 thousand views a year. Four hundred episodes into the life of the show, The Frozen Food Master knows a thing or two about producing great content on the web.

The “Going Viral” workshop will improve your approach to building and engaging an audience for your company, your brand and your craft, by changing the way you think about online content. Fundamentals include:

* Why videos go viral
* A framework for coming up with viral ideas
* Best practices for creating watchable online video
* Getting video found through search engines
* Distributing video online through video-sharing sites and social media

With 85% of internet users now consuming and sharing online video, the ability to quickly create and distribute content for the web is an incredible opportunity for those who know how to do it well.

We’ll go through the whole process as we as analyse successful cases, and walk through the distribution process in class.