Designbox Gets Creative with Dirt at Dorothea Dix

Upon hearing that the Dix property was to receive 150,000 tons of dirt from the new convention center project in downtown Raleigh, Aly Khalifa, Professor Will Hooker and Councilman Thomas Crowder decided to hold a design charrette to find a creative way to turn this dumping into a unique city feature. Khalifa will lead the creative session with Designbox members facilitating 40 …

Aly Khalifa with other Designbox members work with students

Designbox members Aly Khalifa, JP Reuer, and Angelica Garcia combined forces with the Urban Design Centerto work with Lee Moore and her students at the Moore Square Museums Magnet Middle School (M2M3) to make design suggestions on improving the Moore Square area for pedestrians, cyclists, and those who want to relax. Results will be on display in the windows at the Cherry …

“Keep A Breast – Raleigh” raises $10,000!

Gamil Design headed up this Designbox event to raise money for breast cancer research. Over 70 artists created pieces of art from plaster busts donated by local women. All the art was auctioned at Designbox on October 3rd. The result was $10,000 to donate to 4 different charitiis. And Raleigh then became the most successful “Keep-A-Breast” event to date.

Gamil Design Moves to Designbox

Gamil announces the relocation and opening of its next office at Designbox. Gamil will still be located downtown, but with a bigger space, a better gallery presence, and incorporating the presence of many other creative minds of the Designbox.

Gamil Design Announces “DesignBox”

Over the past several months we have been meeting with many creative individuals in the interest of forming a brainstorming collective called Designbox. The vision of DesignBox is to create a multi-disciplinary and synergistic environment of creativity, and promote great design in the Triangle.