June/July: Pleasurable Perplexions by Pat Fitzgerald

The Pleasurable Perplexions exhibition is a body of new work by Patrick FitzGerald. Working in both the physical and digital world, Patrick tries to blur the line between the two. Many of the pieces come out of his drawing notebooks and are then reworked, augmented, and juxtaposed to create large scale achival prints on watercolor paper. These are attached to wooden panels and applied with encaustic medium.  “I like to use the power of the digital medias to express myself creatively,” says FitzGerald.

Patrick Fitzgerald captures in his sketches the real emotion and quirky characteristics of strangers and friends. By imbuing those sketches with surreal colors and textures of the digital world, Patrick creates a wonderful otherworldly assemblage of imagination and realism, all with a gnawing sense of deja-vous.

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