Gamil Design Exhibits at ISPO

As part of the select IDEAS network of international sporting goods designers, Gamil Design exhibited its latest work and collaborative visions of the coming 2002 season at the ISPO show in Munich, Germany.

Gamil Design Receives 6th Patent

The US Patent & Trademark Office issued patent #6,145,141 with Aly Khalifa as co-inventor for a “Portable Mosquito Net Apparatus and Method of Securing to a Bed.” This work was done for a long-term client of Gamil’s named Tropical Safety Research, who is already marketing these devices to help prevent the spread of insect-borne disease to humans.

Aly Khalifa named as Vice President of IDEAS

After just three years as a member of this Europe-based fashion forecasting group, Aly has been elected as the only US member to serve on the executive board. IDEAS is comprised by a select, international group of designers that meet several times a year to discuss trends in sporting goods design. They are known for their trend and color forecasting …

Aly Khalifa Leads Panel Discussion at the SportsLab Show

Imagine being able to race via internet with a friend in another hemisphere – each of you on your own treadmill – seeing and hearing the competition all around you. Now imagine seeing both of your images racing live at the Olympics with world-class sprinters.It is only a matter of time until we take fitness and games and unite them …