We’ve been designing products and brands for clients since 1995. We are an eclectic group of individuals who all have one major thing in common: We want our place of business to be fun and effective for ourselves and our clients. That means comfort (like air-conditioning and a water cooler, and that certain feeling that comes from a relaxing environment). It means creative energy (like bouncing ideas around, and drinking too much coffee, and cool sounds coming from different computers). It means having a wonderful dog in the office. And it means knowing that the answer to any design challenge is somewhere in the room.


ALY KHALIFA :: owner

Aly is the rare breed of designer and engineer in one. He can dream big while still understanding that little thing called reality. Aly’s expertise extends to manufacturing and sourcing, invention strategy, creative process and launch strategy. He is deeply embedded in the creative and maker communities of the place we call home.

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Beth sets creative direction and launch strategy for brands and products. She develops the brand tone, visual and content messaging with a researched understanding of the target customer. Her passion is creative empowerment and is excited when people overcome their fears to create. She is a big believer in the word TRY as the foundation of great feats.

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JOEY FRALIN :: director of ops

Where is it? How fast can you get it to me? Joey knows. Inventory management, order fulfillment, warehouse organization, Joey has it under control and can guide new clients through inventory planning and forecasting. Joey is also the director of our maker space, managing all 3d printing and on-demand production.

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OAMI POWERS :: chief of books

Oami keeps the lights on and the owners sane, and that’s quite a gift. She makes even the most complicated scenarios make sense and she does it all with grace and efficiency – and a great sense of humor! How often can a bookkeeper make everyone smile?

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ROBERT SHANKS :: product designer

Robert can see the future, literally, and let us see it too. Not only a product designer, but master of the world of 3d models, protos, illustrations and prototyping, Robert provides the pieces that let the project move from computer to real life – like magic.

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Fredrik Perman :: senior product designer

Fredrik joined the db team in 2016 as a design wizard, but we’ve known him for years before that. With 19 years of professional working experience, Fredrik has a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the fields of design, product development and manufacturing.  He is dedicated to finding a good design solution and is a truly selfless team player.

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MINGYU LIU :: product designer

Mingyu came to us in 2016 after receiving a Master of Industrial Design from NC State. Great skills got our attention, but great person is what sold us. Mingyu is a creative problem solver and a masterful illustrator. Taking a project from concept to completion, Mingyu also is involved with creating final 3d files for production and managing the relationships between clients and vendors.

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LULU :: Office greeter

Lulu consults with businesses to help live in the moment and make the most of each day. She specializes in individual attention getting techniques and advises on ball throwing and fence jumping.