Designbox is a global innovation house working with clients around the world (and in our own back yard) to turn great ideas into impactful products, brands and experiences. Our ingredients are design strategy, creative process and inventive culture.


Breakthroughs happen with trust and idea empowerment. MAKING (rather than simply thinking) permeates every project, combined with our deep relationships and understanding of global sourcing and manufacturing. With design and engineering as equal drivers, we create results that are ground breaking, market-driven, sustainably minded AND efficient to produce. SKILL.


Collaboration is key to great success. The initial inspiration may be the genesis, but is never the finished solution. Our process includes learning with experts and specialists, listening to real people, designing WITH (rather than “for”) the client and talking to ourselves (that might make us seem a bit crazy but, hey, whatever works right?). A broad and diverse network enables unexpected and exciting things to happen. CONNECTION.


Ideas are great, but in the end, it’s just small talk unless it turns real. We are reality makers. Ideas floating around in the world are like children. We love them, but we want our children to make something of themselves, and we certainly don’t want them still living with us when they are 30. We have the expertise to kick those children (aka ideas) out of your brain and into the marketplace. And everyone will still love each other. PROOF.


If you are looking for a firm who has done your project a million times before….if you want our portfolio to prove we can build your widget because we’ve built something very similar…We’re probably not the right fit for your project. There are many firms who are ¬†deeply experienced in developing “another x.” Some companies are great at cultivating an existing path in the grass and paving it, lighting it, and making it easy for people to travel down it. We, on the other hand, forge a new path through the wilderness. We chop through the brambles with machetes and binoculars and get to that beautiful pristine place no one has been. We shine a light on the true opportunity (rather than the initially stated one) and solve problems that have no precedent. Call us if you have a project that speaks to Design Innovation and Inventive Culture.¬†