We are design innovators, strategists and product developers. We work with clients around the world (and in our own back yards) to turn great ideas into real, impactful products, brands and experiences. We look for solutions that could change the world for the better. We launch brands and products that inspire us to be better and excite us to help others.


Designbox is a global product and branding firm, creating impact through Design Innovation and Inventive Culture. We are based in Raleigh NC and have design and production relationships around the world.


April 4, 2014:db relaunch!Design Innovation :: Inventive Culture

Join Designbox to celebrate a new exhibit vision and interior space design! Also enjoy delicious coffee tastings of the adult variety from the Impress Coffee Brewer. The Impress is part of the Designbox in-house brand, Gamila. We will feature beans from a local roaster and try to change up the drinks as well as the roaster each month.


2nd Wednesday Lunch Series

Matthew Booker: April 9 12:00 noon at Designbox
With more and more people eating local food these days, you have to wonder -- why did Americans ever stop eating local food? Learn the answer from environmental historian, Matthew Booker, from NC State. Professor Booker will share what he's found in his new research on local food.

Wednesday Lunches are Free to the public, but require registration. The April 9 Lunch is fully booked. Stay tuned for April.

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Are You Ready? We are.

If you are looking for a firm who has done your project a million times before….if you want our portfolio to prove we can build your widget because we’ve built something very similar…We’re probably not the right fit for your project. There are many firms who are  deeply experienced in developing “another x.” Some companies are great at cultivating an existing path in the grass and paving it, lighting it, and making it easy for people to travel down it. We, on the other hand, forge a new path through the wilderness. We chop through the brambles with machetes and binoculars and get to that beautiful pristine place no one has been. We shine a light on the true opportunity (rather than the initially stated one) and solve problems that have no precedent. Call us if you have a project that speaks to Design Innovation and Inventive Culture.