Designbox is a global innovation house working with clients around the world and in our own back yard to turn great ideas into impactful products, brands and experiences. We use design to create change, focusing on sustainable initiatives, social impact and global cultural understanding through collaboration.


We are committed to collaborative, long-term relationships with our clients, and work with companies who truly believe their projects can positively impact the world. With design and engineering as equal drivers, we create results that are ground breaking, market-driven, and efficient to produce.


Collaboration is key to great success. The initial inspiration may be the genesis, but is never the final solution. Our process includes learning with experts and specialists, listening to real people, designing WITH rather than FOR the client. A broad and diverse network enables unexpected and exciting things to happen. 


Ideas floating around in the world are like children. We love them, but we want our children to make something of themselves, and we certainly don’t want them still living with us when they are 30. We have the expertise to kick those children (aka ideas) out of your brain and into the marketplace. And everyone will still love each other.